21 November 2008

National Beard Month!

Sources say it's National Beard Month. How about a little beard story to get things started off?

A married man was visiting his girlfriend when she requested that he shave his beard. "Oh James, I like your beard, but I would really love to see your handsome face."
James replied, "My wife loves this beard, I couldn't possibly do it, she would kill me!"
"Oh please?" the girlfriend asked again, in a sexy little voice...
"Oh really, I can't," he replies. "My wife loves this beard!"
The girlfriend asks once more, and he sighs and finally gives in. That night James crawls into bed with his wife while she was sleeping. The wife is awakened somewhat, feels his face, and replies, "Oh Michael, you shouldn't be here, my husband will be home soon!"

Yikes! I hope not everyone who has a beard has been in such a prickly situation.

So how do you celebrate National Beard Month? I don't know but I thought I'd register a beard with the National Beard Registry. I grew one during the entire month of October but unfortunately, they cropped out my pirate hat, those fetchers.

Maybe next year someone could buy me this shirt to wear during National Beard Month (size Medium.)


Jerkolas said...

I believe that nearly every guy that I know that has a blog has at some point and time made a beard post. Welcome to the club (and the registry). Also, careful with those shirts. I hear they are always on back order.

shortino said...

I've had a beard for weeks now and still haven't gotten released. Sheesh... what's a guy gotta do? heh heh.

Yaj said...

Talk about yikes!!

That collage on the bathroom mirror of the school with "at-risk youth" would certainly put them more AT RISK! Well, at least you would be sitting behind the little tykes while reading - which would be less of an affront (pun intended...).

david & michal coombs said...

kudos to robin for putting up with your scraggly face!!