27 November 2008


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Happy Thanksgiving to all! As I sit back and contemplate all the blessings I have, here's what I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1. Biscuits
2. Biscuits with gravy
3. Biscuits with butter and honey
4. Biscuits with homemade jam
5. Biscuits with ice cream
6. Biscuits with maple syrup
7. Biscuits with eggs and bacon
8. Biscuit pizza
9. Biscuit root beer floats
10. Biscuit hoagies
11. Biscuit grilled cheese
12. Biscuit pot pie
13. Biscuit paninis
14. Biscuit pasta
15. Biscuit soup
16. Biscuits with NO mayo

1 comment:

Yaj said...

You will have to suggest biscuit steak, onion and cheese to Mike...

Extra onions, please.