22 December 2008

Critter Motel

A while ago I told you about the Cat House behind our building. The story goes like this: our landlord, Francie, decided to donate her dead pet's house to the commons area behind our building. I asked her why there was a cat house back there and she explained to me that it is a place for animals to stay in for the night as they are passing through. A sort of critter motel, if you will. I had never heard of such a thing, but I didn't question her. You just don't question Francie, or you will be stuck talking for another ten minutes. After all this time, I've never seen any animals stay in the Critter Motel. Is it possible the wild animals don't realize Francie built the Critter Motel for them?

Anyway, we have 12" of snow. We haven't driven anywhere for 6 days, the buses aren't running, and no one is going to work. And I've gone skiing down our street three days in a row. It's been a great way to spend my retirement. Here I am doing a little night skiing:

Yesterday I noticed Francie shoveling a path to the dumpsters in our parking lot. "How kind of her," I thought. "A little unnecessary, but very thoughtful."

Later I noticed that she also shoveled a pathway to the Critter Motel and cleared an opening by the front door. At least now the wild animals would know it's open for business should they need a place to stay for the night.

Last night I saw a very nice family of raccoons rummaging for food around the dumpsters. So I opened the window and let them know there was a vacancy in the Critter Motel.

All along I've been skeptical of Francie's Critter Motel but the crazy thing is, I think the raccoons actually stopped by the Critter Motel last night.

Francie, you were right all along. I'll never doubt the Critter Motel again.


Yaj said...

Raccoons forage by night and sleep by day.

As to the motel, they probably left as soon as they discovered there were no hot drinks...

the guitarist from hell said...

I have a gun you can use on the critters.