18 December 2008

Snow Day!

Retirement + 5" of snow =

(Thanks to Warren Miller for this footage.)

My Buddy + skiing = scared.

Skiing + Denny Way = fun.

Walking + Denny Way = not fun.

My Buddy + snow angels = fun.

My Buddy + snow = cold.


deidra said...

I was hoping for a video of sliding cars on your steep hill, but the Warren Miller action was even better.

Yaj said...

I thought Seattle was not a snow city...

Yaj said...

Is that a retro Redskin cap?

Yaj said...

Retro Redskin caps have a burgundy and gold pom pom.

Totally counterfeit.

My real "retro" Redskin beanie, originally bought for a 12-year-old head, has a solid gold pom pom.

Totally real.

Yes, I still have it...