12 January 2009

Ski Bum

Ah, winter, what an amazing time of the year. I'll always be reminded of this week a few years ago when I moved to Utah to be a ski bum for a semester. Sometimes life gives you two choices: keep working at a dead-end job or move in with your old college roommates and learn how to ski in the rocky mountains. Obviously I chose ski bumming. Here's why:

You can wear amazing outfits every day like this:

You can get published in prestigious newspapers like this:

You can accidentally go to a prom with girls like this:

You can get amazing face tans like this:

What's wrong with my face???

You can ski with Hollywood celebrities like this:

Did you know Bob (you probably know him as Robert Redford) was so short???

You can take road trips to Vegas and break the bank like this:

What's wrong with my face???

If you ever have a chance to ski bum for a semester, I definitely recommend it.


Ben said...

You look like Popeye in that last picture.

...and Robert Redford has a hot body.

That's all I've got.

Yaj said...

You switched bodies with Bob?

the guitarist from hell said...

I wondered where my date went during the prom--now I know.