15 January 2009


I recently wrote to WebMD with a question. They were a little harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts. Here is the response, cut and pasted from their website:

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david & michal coombs said...

ha ha!! this is hilarious...and i don't believe for a minute this response came from webmd...i'd say is a christian fabrication. did i ever tell you about the time i had a huge zit right between the eyes on my mission? brazilians are very much like italians when it comes to personal space. we went to teach a lesson to a family, and when we got there the dad answered the door. americans try to ignore the obvious, try not to stare at a zit, look away, etc. this guy stared at my face, squinted to get a better look, pointed and asked me how it happened, then called his wife to come get a look at "sister loira" (sister blondie). when she came to the door, she asked what i'd tried to help it get better, gave a handful of suggestions, and gave the pitiful, embarrassed me a big hug. ha ha!

REEDF said...

Yeah, love the fabricated response. But you're right about it being hideous. DANG that's nasty!

Yaj said...

Zit? I don't see no zit! Zit?

Whatzit doin'der?
Howzit goin?
Whyzit red?
Wherezit anyway?
Whozit look like?


reggstyl said...

Hey Christian--
Michal left me a comment on my blog telling me to read yours...which reminded me that my sister Mackenzie just married Beau Parks. At the family dinner I was talking to Beau's sister-in-law Jocelyn and made the connection that she knows you and Robin! Funny, huh? So, hope things are going well in Seattle--we really miss that city! This dry air is killing me!

the guitarist from hell said...

Wait until you are 50+ and still get acne.