31 March 2009

Fetcher Of The Week Award

And this week it goes to...

Here's why:

PH: Hello, Pizza Hut, can I take your order?
Me: Hi, I'd like to do your three one-topping mediums for $5 each deal, please.
PH: Okay sir, what toppings would you like?
Me: One cheese, one pepperoni, and I'd like to use my unused topping from the cheese pizza for the third--I'd like green peppers and onions.
PH: Sorry sir, it doesn't work that way.
Me: What do you mean?
PH: You can't use that topping towards another pizza.
Me: Why not? I'm paying for three toppings. Why can't I use none on one and two on another?
PH: The cheese pizza counts as one topping.
Me: What? How can the cheese count as a topping? Pizza already comes with cheese. That's what pizza is.
PH: I understand your frustration, sir. I know it doesn't really make sense but that's how it works.
Me: So you're saying my pepperoni pizza counts as two toppings then?
PH: No sir, that's one topping.
Me: But that's pepperoni AND cheese. You already said the cheese is one topping.
PH: I'm sorry sir. Do you want to make an order?
Me: Yes, I'd like one pepperoni, one cheese, and one green pepper and onion, but I don't want to pay extra.
PH: I'm sorry sir. You can add an extra topping for $1.65 if you want.
Me: I'm going to Domino's. Goodbye.

1 comment:

Yaj said...

What, no speeka de pizza?

Of course cheese is one topping.

Of course pepperoni is one topping.

Of course cheese AND pepperoni is one topping.

Of course cheese and green pepper AND onion is two toppings.


At least the guy spoke English!

Whatzayu prrroblem anywaysa?

By the way, Pizza Hut is way better than Domino's...

Beyond that -- what's the best pizza?

Itza myna! I mayka da gooda* toppings, mayka many gooda toppingsa foyu!

* NOT the cheese...