06 April 2009

Conference Report

What a great Conference! I could go on about the wonderful talks we heard, but instead here are some screen captures of some of Conference's lighter moments.

Elder Didier, the comb-over NEVER works!

Hey Young Men General Presidency, why were you holding hands while
you got released?

MoTab, are you telling me you don't have all the hymns memorized?

Behold, the three-armed organist!!!

Oops!!! Nice work, Daily Universe.

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Yaj said...

Picture 1 - not a comb over... paint.
Picture 2 - they were getting the play from the quarterback.
Picture 3 - those there books are for show. They read the teleprompter.
Picture 4 - He really has four - the fourth is down below doing the bass keys usually reserved for feet.
Picture 5 - I have been changing my hair color really slowly for years. That way people like you don't notice. Elder Holland -- busted!
Picture 6 - it's the BYU paper. What can you say?

the guitarist from hell said...

That's what makes the Church so true!

Why else would millions of people watch "plain old men" speak if they did not feel "their hearts within them burn"?

No side show, no cult rhetoric, obviously no thousand dollar suits and hours in a make-up chair, no rock or popular music, and no one begging for money.

What an interesting organization. There must be something more to keep people joining and coming back each Sunday, don't you think?