22 April 2009

Earth Day!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers warned millions of cartoon-watching kids from 1990-1992 of the "pillaging of the planet by a largely oblivious humanity." Those kids are now adults. Could this be why people are freaking out more and more about global warming, organic food, carbon footprints, recycling, hybrid cars, and going "green" these days? I'm just saying...

So this Earth Day, remember that "the power is yours!" And to download the sweet Captain Planet eco-rap theme song, click HERE. It's tizzight.


chartie said...

Heart (what the crap was with "heart," anyway? Lame!)

"By your powers combined . . . I am Captain Planet!"

Classic - just classic.

Gideon said...

Everybody knows the coolest planeteer was Earth Kwame(a.k.a. the black one).