09 April 2009


Seattle's Jackson Park, Hole 13, 175 yards, 5 iron.

Obviously I am ready for The Masters.


two forks said...

i think your swing may be out of whack. i'll give Hank Haney a call.

Yaj said...

Someone hit the green real hard with a golf ball! Or maybe a small meteor - that sucker hit hard!

By the way, I loved Mr. Haney*!

* From the TV show, "Greenacres," in the 60's. Best in black and white. When we watched it was really Grayacres... but I digress. Mr. Haney was a traveling salesman who sold just about everything. He seemed to show up just when someone needed something. I'm sure he could find a swing or two on that wagon he dragged around with his wares.

Yaj said...

P.s. That was a pretty good shot with a 5 iron!

the guitarist from hell said...

Great photoshop!!