15 April 2009

Super Size Me

The first McDonald's opened today in 1955. Happy Birthday and congratulations. I'm sure we can all agree that America is healthier because of you. Or at least has better access to cheap food quickly.

Fun Facts:
  • 100 billion McDonald's hamburgers have been sold. If you stacked every McDonald's hamburger sold, it would be really high.
  • The Quarter Pounder With Cheese has the most calories of any McDonald's sandwich (740!) That's about the same as a small squirrel.
  • McDonald's was sued in 1994 by a woman who was burned when she spilled their hot coffee on her lap. It was about this time that people began to hate lawyers.
  • McDonald's has a Hamburger University in Elk Grove, Illinois where one can get a Bachelors of Hamburgology. Children will finally be able to grow up and make their parents proud.
  • Super-Sized meals were discontinued right after the movie Super Size Me came out in 2004. McDonald's denies any connection.


two forks said...

i think i need more scientific proof of this theory of yours, "If you stacked every McDonald's hamburger sold, it would be really high." exactly how high would it be??

Anonymous said...

Duh. Like, MEGA-high.

Terese said...

I can't believe Robin hasn't revoked your photoshop privileges yet! Love your blog. It's always a crack up.

Yaj said...

I don't remember the year, but the first McDonald's opened up near us on Georgia Avenue in NW Washington DC. It had to be '59 or '60. My family went there once a month, usually Saturday night, to "go out to eat." My brother and I thought it was fantastic. The hamburgers were larger than than now, and the fries came in one size, about the size of a large today. A hamburger, fries and milkshake cost way less than $1, probably $.40 or $.45.

My grandmother spent the whole meal trying to figure out how they made the milkshakes so thick. Our paper straws (yes, paper) only lasted about three sucks and they were wet and flat. The rest of the milkshake was consumed with a very long spoon, which McD's provided. She thought it was "gelatin powder."

After dinner, we went to the frozen custard shop nearby on Georgia. I always got the large, chocolate cone, and berated my brother for getting vanilla.
After all, what dope would get vanilla when chocolate was available!! Geez!!! But I digress...

The frozen custard fun was an experience too. It was a chain of white huts, all over the city, about 20' around, in the shape of an ice berg with lots of spires. It was called, "Polar Bear Frozen Custard." The hut was covered with broken mirror pieces, to make it look like it was frozen. There was one serving window. You had to park and walk up to it and stand in line. It was fabulous!

It was a great night out.