27 May 2009

Mustache May!

Some people say to me, "Why grow a mustache?" My answer is simple: "Because I can."

But if you need to justify your mustache to your employer or significant other, just remind them that it's Mustache May. You could also say that if it's okay with the BYU Honor Code, it should be okay with them. Or at last resort, kindly explain that nothing goes better with a bolo tie than a good old-fashioned mustache. You may even use this photo of me as an example if you like.

Happy Mustache May!


Jerkolas said...

You know I have been celebrating moustache may all month with ever varying moustaches. I'll have a report on it after the month is over.

Metalman said...

Sir, You slay me. I am glad you see you still have one of the best senses of humor on this marble.

Yaj said...

Bolo tie?