12 May 2009

Product Review: The Slanket

I admit I was pretty skeptical of The Slanket (and The Snuggie--what's the difference?) the moment I saw it in Skymall magazine. And now you see these things everywhere, even as free product placement on hit TV shows like last week's episode of 30 Rock. I didn't get why they were so popular but I guess what really bothered me about The Slanket is that I didn't think of it first. Why couldn't I get rich off of an extra-long robe that people wear backwards while laying on the couch and watching TV? Oh yeah, I only think of life-changing inventions that actually make sense.

But anyway, I was in BB&B the other day and saw one for $14.99. I had a $5 off coupon in my pocket so I thought I would buy one for Robin. She's been bothering me about getting one of these things for weeks. Well let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever regret it. For one thing, no more, "Can you change the channel for me? I'm too cold to reach the remote." or "Can you pick up my phone and see who's calling? I don't want to move my arm from under the covers." (She screens calls a lot.)

Here she is enjoying a nice book, hands-free. Look how happy she is.

As if you could top that off, I've discovered some other activities for which The Slanket can be very useful. For example, has this ever been you in those cold early hours on the golf course?

Well not anymore! Swing away in warmth!

Do you find the hard, wooden pews at church a little drafty? Not anymore! Sing the hymns of Zion with sunshine in your soul!

Do you find driving in your car a little too cold, even with its built-in heater? Not anymore! Drive through traffic in style and comfort!

Do you like to jog but hate getting bundled up in sweats, leggings, and jackets? Not anymore! Just throw on a toasty Slanket for those early-mornings runs!

Do you love playing your Wii but wish there was a way to stay warm while doing yoga AND have your hands free to hold your Wiimote? Not anymore!

You obviously wish you had your own.


david & michal coombs said...

one of your best posts ever! i loved all your applications--you should let skymall know how well-utilized their product can be!

Yaj said...

You mean if I had a Slanket I could drive "through" traffic too?!

I gotta get me sumodat!

jocie said...

robin does look happy. i'm sold.

the guitarist from hell said...

You look good in blue!!

jenn said...

Robin is a lucky woman. Though it appears you stole her Slanket. She must be a little ice cube by now.

Bri said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you both!