30 July 2009

Seattle Heat Wave: A Haiku

I like summer but
One-o-three and no A/C
Is not a good deal.

Our house is so hot
That at night even the floor
Is warm to the feel.

What is going on?
The news blames global warming
But that can't be real.

And why are all the
People in Arizona laugh-
ing at our ordeal?

28 July 2009

Hey Hermione,

If you're not too busy later how about I conjure up some dinner and a movie?

24 July 2009

Pioneer Day!

18 July 2009

National Ice Cream Day!

09 July 2009

Orange You Glad?

You probably rely on my Apples To Apples blog post every time you go the grocery store and size up which apples to buy. (Braeburn in case you are too lazy to click on the link.) But have you ever faced the same conundrum when choosing orange juice? There are so many brands and they all describe their products with words like “Premium,” “Fresh Squeezed,” "All Natural," etc. Who should you believe?!?!

Is this you in the orange juice aisle?

Oh Pepper? is now bringing you the results of the first ever Orange Juice Blind Taste Test. No such test has ever been attempted anywhere in the world at any time and the results are posted exclusively here on Oh Pepper?

The specimens.

I blindly tasted eight different orange juices (all pulp free) two separate times, each time in a different order--Florida Natural, Tropical Pure Premium, Odwalla, Naked, Safeway, Organics, Simply Orange, and Minute Maid. Only three of these were from concentrate—Minute Maid, Safeway, and Organics. The rest were “fresh squeezed.” I gave each a score from 1-10. In between drinks I ate a pretzel and drank water to rid my buds of the previous taste.

Careful consideration.

Cleaning the pallet.

Using a complex formula full of algorithms and quantum equations which are too difficult explain, I calculated which juice is the best value when factoring in cost and taste. I don't think anyone will click on my notes but here they are anyway:

If money were no object you should buy Simply Orange. It's the best.

But factoring in the price, the best value per ounce goes to Minute Maid Premium Original. This is surprising because it's actually from concentrate. So, now you know that "Fresh Squeezed" doesn't necessarily mean better taste.

Other notes: Odwalla tasted like bark and Safeway made me want to wash my mouth out with soap.

Safeway Orange Juice is poison!

I hope you appreciate this information. I spent like $40 on all the stupid orange juice and then had to drink it all in two weeks so it didn't go bad.

04 July 2009

Independence Day!