28 August 2009

Go Seabiscuit!

You probably don't need me to tell you how much I love Seabiscuit:

This is relevant because apparently Tobey Maguire is filming some crappy B-movie about rabid raccoons (?!) and the set is really close to our house. In fact, I run on the street where they are filming every day. The other day I ran by right after they had finished a scene. Ol' Spidey was backing a Prius out of a driveway and he drove right past me really slowly (yes he looks dorky in real life, too.) He was ten feet away, his window was down, no one else was around, and I didn't even yell, "Go Seabiscuit!" What's wrong with me?


Yaj said...

When I was a kid, during races, we used to yell, "Go Sea Biscuit!"

I never knew why, we just did it. We had no idea who or what Sea Biscuit was.

Was Toby wearing those goofy glasses?

Yaj said...

Are they using Francie as a technical consultant?