08 September 2009

Arrivederci Roma!

Well, I've been home from my mission to Rome, Italy, for ten years today. Here are some of my favorite mission photos to commemorate the two years I spent there:

A goat head and spine. Our landlord had some farm animals and he made homemade sausage one day. Delicious!

Just taunting the dogs. You learned quickly when wild dogs were following you down the street to bend down like you were picking up a rock. They'd run away every time. Suckers.

Who ya gonna call?!?! Ghostbusters!

Here we are joining an impromptu high school strike. I've never heard of students striking in order to get a better education, but hey, this is Italy we're talking about. As you can see, we fit right in.

This guy was amazing. He could pop out his eyes somehow. But instead of keeping this talent to himself, he shared it with all. He went up to girls at famous sightseeing sites like the Trevi Fountains here, stood right in their faces, and popped out his eyes. What a gift!

These guys were fetchers to tourists by the Coliseum. They would come up to you and ask you if you wanted a picture taken. Then they would hound you until you said yes. Then after the picture, they would yell at you until you paid them, even though you never agreed to paying them in the first place. We got our picture for free since we spoke such amazing Italian.

Have you ever knocked on doors while being barked at by a dog from the roof?

Just a typical meat shop on the streets of Potenza.

Teaching in Italy was tough. Why wouldn't anyone listen?

The sign (in English) says it all: "Center Kickboxing Federation Full Contact." We should have trained here on our P-Days.

Another typical sight: a paper mache' buffalo next to the mozzarella shop.

This was an actual missionary bike. If you weren't careful, your toes AND heels would hit the ground while pedaling.


Yaj said...

We used to do the same thing and the dogs would run!

I have one of me with a dripping and splattering cow's head. Later they threw it into the pot of soup. My companion got the eyeball! Deelish!

Getting the eyeball was considered great LUCK. They are larger than you think! He put it in his mouth, as LUCK would have it, walked around the corner of the building and heaved big time.

Love the bike! Is that a basket to bring fresh chicken home for the pot?

ginnieshorter said...

That picture of teaching the snowman... was that in Tierney?

This is Chad Shorter's wife, by the way. The building looked like one we visited while we were there a few years ago.

Love your blog.