28 September 2009

Dear Redskins,

You are pathetic. You just lost to the Lions, who hadn't won a game since December 23, 2007. Congratulations for helping them and their rookie quarterback end their 19-game losing streak.

And this comes after last week where you could only score nine points on the Rams in five trips inside the red zone. You just lost your privilege to be my license plate holder. I think I will give a car dealer free advertising from now on.

I'm also taking down my Redskins shrine. This actually kills two birds with one stone because it was on top of Robin's desk and she needs the space for crafts or something.

On top of that, I plan to donate all of my Redskins jerseys, t-shirts, and hats to Deseret Industries or The Salvation Army. I'm sure they will fetch a tidy sum for the poor children.

That's all. Call me when you aren't a joke anymore (but you can't send a Facebook message because I just de-friended you.)


P.S. Don't worry--I'll never cheer for the Seahawks. That would be even more embarrassing than being a Redskins fan.


two forks said...

too bad you didn't listen to me a few months ago when i asked to sell your redskins c-rap. we could have made more money on it then!

crafts here i come!

Yaj said...

I will stay in the 80's and remember their former glory. No need to panic.

When I was a child the Redskins used to win 1 or 2 games a year. My mother used to tell me stories of when the Redskins were the top of the league (1930's and some 40's). She regaled me with stories of Slingin' Sammy Baugh and John "The Tree" Adams. I didn't believe her.

Now I can say the same to my children - Sonny Jurgensen, Charlie Taylor, Larry Brown, Sam Huff, John Riggins, the first soccer-style kicker Charlie Gogolak, Pat Fischer, etc. History repeats itself. How proud that makes me...

Yaj said...

I heard a great one today on the radio:

"Zornography - I might not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it."

There you go.