11 September 2009

Happy Birthday?

Well it's that time of year again to celebrate being one year older. Truth be told, I don't think 30 was that great a year for me. First, I was unemployed for six months. That did allow me to golf a lot more than usual, but I didn't really get any better. Next, I was the first to buy a plane ticket to the annual roommate reunion in Utah but then everyone hung me out to dry. I ended up sleeping on my sister's sofa all alone. I also found my first gray hair this year, I guess from all the stress of having every day off for six months.

But I'd have to say that the most disheartening thing is that my hair is getting thinner. I know you're thinking, "You have amazing hair. What are you talking about?"

Well, the truth is I probably couldn't do-up my hair in this amazing mohawk anymore. It's getting thinner every day. I won't even look in the tub drain anymore after I take a shower; I just can't handle it. And I will probably have to start buzzing it all off in a few years. As you can tell, I have been really upset about this--until now. I realized there are many great-looking, handsome celebrities who are bald:

Look at these guys! Who wouldn't want to look like this?! If they can live normal and happy lives despite their baldness, I'm sure I can, too. I can tell now that 31 is going to be a great year. (The only con: I'll never be able to grow those corn rows I love so much.)


Sara G said...


I wanted to comment to say thanks for the periodic chuckle. With three babies and a husband in school all day, a good laugh is like therapy for me. My husband and I get about 2 hours a day together and usually that's at dinner time. We like to watch episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, so we can have a good laugh. But last week I showed him your Do Vegans Laugh post. (Are vegans all generally weird?) We then spent some time looking back at other posts that he hadn't seen. It was fun...he wants to have you and Robin over for dinner someday to say thanks for the laughs!
P.S. Sorry about the hair loss, happens to the best of us. (And from your photo collage looks like the worst of us, too!)

Yaj said...

I'd go with the De Vito look...

Shauna said...

Happy birthday Christian! Also, please clarify, jobless for 6 months, does this mean you have a job now (if so that would be exciting, if not forget I posted this for everyone to see on your birthday!) Also, I'm asking for Blokus for Christmas!