20 September 2009

New Font: Sarcastica

Every time the Cougars are in the national spotlight they shine! I can't wait for BYU's BCS game this year! I already bought my plane ticket! We are amazing!

I have always loved Utah and I'm really sad that their winning streak is over. Like all true Cougar fans who claim they just want the MWC to be successful, I was hoping they'd go undefeated again this year and represent the MWC in the Sugar Bowl.

I have been cheering for the Huskies ever since the BYU-UW game last year when some very nice UW fans politely asked me where my other wives were. I'm excited about this victory!

Notre Dame is synonymous with college football and Charlie Weis is a great football coach and a very handsome man who isn't paid nearly enough for what he does. I couldn't be happier that their every game is on NBC each week and I love it when they win!

Any team who can score three field goals on the Rams from five trips to the red zone has big things in store. Super Bowl XLIV, here I come! Hail to the Redskins!

What a shame the Cowboys lost their home opener in their brand-new $1.1 billion stadium. Jerry Jones, your team is America's team and every time you lose, a little piece of me dies with you.


fig basics said...

I hate your new section "Sarcastica"! (That means I love it!)

Seriously, why does BYU always get our hopes up sooooo high, and then smashes them. Oh, well. If they can still win the rest of their games...


Terese said...

you said it!

Yaj said...

This was your best post ever!

And I'm REALLY proud of those Skins!

the guitarist from hell said...

You should get a refund for your plane ticket. BYU will lose their next 6 games in a row. I received a visual revelation and saw their embarrassment in person.