15 December 2009

'Tis The Season!

Sometimes with all the commercialization of Christmas, it's hard to remember the real meaning of the holiday. Carols about reindeer with red noses, stories of a big fat guy in a red suit coming down the chimney to bring kids presents, and songs about a snow man who magically comes to life and then dies as children watch can make us forget that Christmas is really about Jesus' birthday. That's why I'm thankful for The Oriental Trading Company's new "Happy Birthday Jesus!" line.

How about a "Happy Birthday Jesus!" pencil to write down your Christmas list?

Or some "Happy Birthday Jesus!" cups in which to drink your egg nog?

And don't forget the "Happy Birthday Jesus!" ornaments to decorate your beautiful Christmas tree.

And for the big morning, why not welcome the family to the presents smorgasbord with a "Happy Birthday Jesus!" banner (measuring 5' x 1')?

No need to bust out grandma's china when you can enjoy the Christmas ham on your new sturdy "Happy Birthday Jesus!" paper plates.

If you can't feel the spirit of Christmas now, I think there's something wrong with you.


two forks said...

michael scott said christmas isn't about jesus or families - it's about the workplace... maybe i should infuse my workplace with these jesus bday celebrations! they'd LOVE it!

Yaj said...

Happy Birthday Jesus stuff is almost as inspiring as "X"mas.

Emily Kimball said...

Where's Mary? Why is Joseph the only one celebrating Jesus' birthday?