24 January 2010

Dear Brett Favre,

Today at church I taught possibly the worst Sunday School lesson of my entire life (unless you count those times in college when my roommates came to my class and made goofy comments and asked fake questions to screw with me the whole time.)

It was pathetic. I stumbled around, asked lame questions, and ran out of material with FIFTEEN minutes left. Afterwards I went home early because I couldn't bear to show my face anymore. Later during lunch even Robin said she felt embarrassed for me. That made me feel better (written in Sarcastica font.)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself most of the day. That is, until you gave away another NFC Championship Game with a last-second interception. I'm pretty sure you had a worse day than me. Millions of people saw your performance and there were only like 25 people in my class. Plus SportsCenter will be showing highlights of your game for who knows how long. The only visual evidence of me teaching is this photo someone took with their camera phone:

To top it off, if you finally retire, you will have to live with this loss for the rest of your life. As for me, I'll be teaching again in a couple of weeks and if I bring some treats next time, I'm golden. Thanks for putting things in perspective, Brett. I suddenly feel a lot better about myself.


P.S. But I really wanted you to stick it to Green Bay. For spite.


Yaj said...

He has a penchant for ending big games with interceptions. Shoulda, coulda, woulda run that last play instead, except that he could hardly walk, but I digress...

You should have a poll - is he coming back? Will they allow him back? He he going to move back? (to Green Bay to manage his restaurant...)

I don't remember Gregg Williams creating packages to go after quarterbacks when he was Defensive Coordinator with the Skins... but then he didn't have any 40 year olds to go after! Did he?

Maybe Coach Gregg learned from his mistakes, unlike someone else... He's going to have problems with Peyton, for sure.

愛睏 said...

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Abby said...

Next time you have 15 minutes left over, just start singing "If you find them in the Good Book." Problem solved.

Jake and I loved the song. :)

Leiland said...

15 Minutes left!? Sounds like HANGMAN TIME!!

two forks said...

you're hot.