14 February 2010

Dear Liz Lemon,

My wife thinks you are so cool. She loves your great sense of fashion, how you eat cheese by yourself late at night, that you use a Snuggie at work, and that you can grow a mustache.

But why can't she agree with your views on Valentine's Day?

I tried to tell her the same thing to explain why we shouldn't celebrate this "holiday" but I'm not really getting anywhere. Maybe you could try to talk to her for me?



two forks said...

i heart you liz lemon (minus your mustache named tom) but i do want to love valentine's! blerg!

oh, pepper? you're just jealous that liz gets to kick it with tracy and kenneth!

Yaj said...

Hard to comment when you've never heard of Liz Lemon. She does look like she eats them though.