19 February 2010

Frank Swallow

A little while ago I went 60 Minutes on the local casino and exposed that its patrons aren't, in fact, happy gamblers like its commercials depict. I didn't think it was all that great of a blog entry, but that doesn't matter because apparently I struck a chord with Frank Swallow.

According to Frank he is a security guard at said casino and he was none too happy with my hard-hitting journalism. Read on for the comment he left. Warning: There's some bad language ahead (but nothing you wouldn't find in the good book).

And thanks to my IP tracker, here is why I think he actually does work at the casino:

I can picture Frank Swallow and the other security guards now, having a little pow wow about how to stop Oh Pepper? from single-handedly bringing down their casino. You better be scared, Casino Security Department, you don't know the power of having twelve blog readers per day!


david & michal coombs said...

go tulalip, go!

Yaj said...

I think Frank was using his personal laptop while sitting in a Wifi area near the resort...

And the Feb 23 comment says:

"Eat runny defecation you slimy American pigs."

That last word might be "bananas" though.