25 February 2010

That's What She Said

Blogs are pretty public but sometimes I get the feeling not everyone realizes this. Here are some real, un-doctored quotes from other blogs (used with copyright permission, of course) that I personally wouldn't have included on Oh Pepper?:

(Note: Names have been changed for the authors' privacy.)


"She has only gained about 6 ounces in the last two weeks and the doctor is thinking that I might not be making enough milk and so this week we're going to try and supplement with formula."

I'm worried that my milk supply is going down even more now that we're giving her bottles. Along with the stress and strains of school (final papers, grading a billion pages of papers for my job, tests, etc.) I just don't find time to nurse her or pump as much anymore."

"Maeby was born and while in the hospital she refused to nurse. Eventually a lactaction nurse brought in a nipple shield for me to wear and she would latch on somewhat."

"I am in search of solutions for my nursing dilemmas...there are still several questions I have about how to make nursing more comfortable. OK, so here are my issues:
...2. Nursing bras just seem to get in the way--they never really tuck/fold fully out of the way and my poor little one ends up trying to latch onto the bra in his desperate search for food! (Perhaps there is no solution for this one with the "modest" size of chest that I have, but I'm still looking for one anyway.)

First Kiss

Now remember, 21 year-old Lindsay had never been kissed before. Well let's just say she made up for it right then and there. After emerging from the couch some time later we went on a walk holding hands and life was good...Well, we kept on walking and eventually sat down on some grass where we kissed some more and I pulled out yet another aggressive move by saying: "Is it too soon to say 'I love you?'" Sweet Tobias said no and that he loved me too. More kissing to which Lindsay is quickly becoming accustomed to."

From Blog Tags

HUGS OR KISSES? 7-up kisses! (that's how Oscar describes my breath lately....a 7-up flavor...)"

Five of my bad habits: ...5. Having the "foofs" (i know, that's disgusting, but i seriously can't help it! Bring on the TUMS!)"

Who is smarter? Buster. I kind of think we tied on our ACT scores, but he's brilliant and far smarter than me...I love talking to him because I learn so much!"


p.s. i was wearing a cami under my shirt, and in some pictures you can see the strap. my apologies...i promise i was wearing my garments, my straps on the cami were just really far in....i don't want anyone to wonder!"

I love rainbows!"

"It's not Mommy's milk, but it'll do!"

The other night, as I was busy cleaning up dinner George Michael came running into me and said, "Mom look!" Maeby came walking around the corner at that point, and I noticed brown stuff on the floor. I said, "What is that?" And George Michael quickly replied, "It's Maeby's poop, Mom!" GROSS!! There was a trail all through the living room, and into the dining area. Gross, gross, gross! What a mess! I can't tell you how much fun it was to change her diaper, and scrub up all of the carpet in our house. Thank goodness for Lysol!"

"My body continues to blossom. I am now 14 inches larger in my waist & 24 pounds heavier."

Grand Finale

This is from a woman's website talking about her future husband whom she hasn't met yet:
At every party and wedding reception we attend, however, we’ll make sure there will be dancing because we will dance regardless of what everyone else is doing. We will dance in restaurants while we wait for our food to come. Sometimes we’ll dance down the isles of the grocery store if a great song is playing over the store’s sound system. We’ll make a habit of moving the kitchen table to the side of the room to give us a good dance floor in our home. We’ll do some flamboyant Latin dancing, rock out to one of the latest top 40’s hits, tango with roses in our mouths, and waltz on occasion.



Amanda said...

Is it odd that I know the first kiss story despite you substituting Arrested Development names to protect the innocent?

Terese said...

So funny!

Yaj said...

Maeby you're right.