11 February 2010


Hello readers of Oh Pepper?. Hopefully you are doing just great.

Sometimes some of you say to me, "You know, I moderately enjoy reading your blog but I really wish there were a way I could be notified the exact moment you post a new entry. I must know immediately your latest thoughts on spite, which apples to buy, or what your pet armadillo is up to!"

I'm not sure why anyone would care that much about Oh Pepper? but in case you do, I have just the solution: Twitter. Yes, that's right, Oh Pepper? now has a Twitter feed. You can sign up at twitter.com/ohpepper and you will get immediate notification anytime a new entry is posted.

I'm not promising constant mundane updates about what I'm up to at every waking moment so I guess I won't be using Twitter correctly like mega-celebrity Ashton Kutcher. And if I don't get enough followers I'll probably stop using Twitter altogether. Then I'll delete this post like it never happened. But until then, see you in Twitter land.

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Yaj said...

No Tweet-o.

I will just have to check in the old-fashioned way.

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