25 March 2010

Sixteen Cents

A while ago we went to Vancouver to check out the Olympic festivities. Apparently Olympic pins are all the rage these days and we got some free ones for standing in line for an hour with a bunch of other fools. The entrepreneur that I am, I quickly realized that these pins had more utility to me in money form than in pin form. So once we got home I created some nice auctions on eBay to cash in and make it rain.

Just as I expected, they all sold for a nice profit and positive eBay feedback was coming in faster than you can say, "Olympic pin collecting is for losers." That is, until eBay user Pincentral sent me this message, "I received the pin today but I am a bit disappointed. I paid $2.99 for shipping and there was $0.16 due."

Fair enough. I can't really help that the Post Office's scale isn't calibrated correctly and didn't charge me enough on the postage, but I wanted to keep my 100% eBay feedback so I apologized and sent $0.16 through Paypal to Pincentral.

I thought we were all squared away until I found another note from Pincentral the next day in my inbox, "You sent me the $0.16 but Paypal charged me $0.16 [in fees]. You should have sent it by personal [check]. Now I am still out the money."

Hold on now, Pincentral. You want me to mail you a personal check for $0.16 because you're "still out the money"? Do you hear what you're saying? The only way this is acceptable and I won't think you're an idiot is if this is for spite. Otherwise, the only personal check you'll be getting is this one:


Terese said...

Haaaa! That guy just wants to be a thorn in your side!

Yaj said...

You are very mean.

And cheap.

Laura Kimball said...

watch out that is a common scam - to get your check/ bank info