16 March 2010

What Not To Wear

I just got this Banana Republic ad in the mail. Apparently these outfits would be perfect to wear while meandering around your local flea market. Because nothing says flea market attire like $1216 of clothing from Banana Republic.

In case you can't read the small print:

Chino Safari Jacket: $150
5-Pocket Pant: $69.50
Ombre Plaid Shirt: $59.50
Fitted Tee: $19.50
Del Rey Moccasin: $98
Shawn Aviator: $68
Tumbled Leather Belt: $44
Washed Chino Trench: $198
Charmeuse-Trim Tank: $29.50
Boyfriend Cardigan: $79.50
Distressed Boyfriend Jean: $89.50
Sandie Peep-Toe Flat: $89
Printed Silk Scarf: $98
Perfect Hoop Earrings: $26
Market Tote: $98
Total: Rip-off


two forks said...

i'd like to see the street shopper break down of what the price tag for an outfit complimenting the "air jordan" set would total....

Ben said...

But if you go with Amanda, you can get it all for $608!