27 May 2010

The DR is in!

Well we just got back from a family trip to the Dominican Republic. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

This sign was in our hallway: "Rest & Relaxation is something important for a good vacation." So true, so true.

I was shocked to learn that there is a Spanish version of PTI on ESPN Deportes called Cronometro. The format, screen, and even the hosts look the same. Bizarro world!

Apparently people have problems with that pesky apostrophe even in other countries. Who is this Cigar fellow and where is his '& Souvenirs Shop'?

I got second place in the resort tennis tournament. But before you get too impressed I should tell you that only six people entered (including one of the ball boys so that there would be an even number.) But they gave me a nice certificate and a bottle of rum as a prize. When I told them I don't drink, they gave me this painting instead:

It's signed, "Pablo Picasso," so obviously it's authentic. I'll sell it to you for $50.

Us with the superheroes of Dreams La Romana.

My cute little wife.



two forks said...

you shouldn't down play your tennis triumph! look at our poor sweaty uk friend - you worked him!

Yaj said...

It's always good to see bad grammar is taught elsewhere too! Its so hard to know when its' wright. You know, um, I mean, like, you know, well, like you know.

Our most popular TV shows, and formats, are copied all over the world. Who knows, maybe we copy other shows too. If we do, we will improve on it here. Kind of like cricket and baseball.

Hey, Doubleday had never seen a cricket game! I guess he didn't copy that after all!

I stared at that Picasso a long time and saw the image of a swan. Is that what I'm* supposed to get.

* Should it be Im' instead?