03 June 2010


I recently came across _StevieWonder's Twitter page:


Yaj said...

I did an inspection once where the seller was blind, and present at the inspection. He was a computer expert, working on his computer and typing furiously. His keypad spoke to him, telling him what keys he was punching. I had a very hard time understanding what the keyboard was saying, but he didn't. And he didn't make a single mistake!

I was fascinated and asked him how long he had been working in computers. He had been doing it since before the keyboard-speak program came out. He was self employed because no one would hire him. He told me that most of his clients did not know he was blind, having never met him except over the phone.

He simply (simply?!) taught himself to type accurately. Then taught himself IT. Overall, I was very impressed with the guy.

two forks said...

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