16 July 2010

Lost In Translation

I thought no one really reads this blog anymore but apparently I was wrong because recently I have been getting a lot of comments in Chinese. Here's a recent example:

And here's the translation from Google: "To help push you a blog with real video Department of Haojing, Department of my beloved."

Other recent comments in Chinese include:

I wish you a new day has grown.
People have eyes of a tongue, is the observation times for the sake of talking.
Pay somebody back in his own coin.
Support you!!! Look forward to your updates!!! Believe will be better.
You can not change the appearance ~ but you can smile.
Are there items in the law of stupid laws: "an organization of fools, Hengda to equal two-thirds."
While ordinary paper, but its significance is very.
Like to see our article, each is a story, is a kind of mood ~ I wish you all happy happy.
Ann yo ~ lucky day to give you (you) full of happiness, and we wish you happy every day, yo.

I appreciate the interest but all the comments also included hyperlinks to "adult" websites. I guess the Chinese don't realize that Oh Pepper? is family-friendly and there's no place for that here.

So, to cut down on spam, from now on I will have to approve all comments before they are posted on Oh Pepper? I will do my best to get through your myriad comments and approve them quickly, but please bear with me. Remember, Oh Pepper? isn't my day job. Oh wait...

1 comment:

Jay said...

An yong hi, komop sumido!

Don't know if that's spelled right, but a Korean couple in Ecuador taught that to me when we were invited over for dinner.

It means, "Welcome to our home, thank you."

I guess it loses something in translation...