31 August 2010

The Office!

Well, the rumors are true: I just got a new job at a certain airplane manufacturing company. I started on Friday and they had me get to work right away:

Also, when I arrived at my orientation meeting and picked up my badge, I was given this envelope containing some first day information:

If you don't know my real name, take my word for it that "Maranick" is really wrong. Then, inside the envelope was a map to get to my new building from the orientation, only it was the wrong map. And when I tracked down my office I found that my computer is still running Office 2003. What?!?!

17 August 2010

Why They Invented Photoshop

Because really, where would we be as a society without the ability to do this:

and this:

Thank you, Adobe. I'm sure this is exactly what you had in mind.

09 August 2010

Inclusive Toddler Groups!

I just saw this flier for "Inclusive Toddler Groups" on a bulletin board at the local library. Excuse me, but who are the cool toddlers who are exclusively keeping other toddlers from playing with them? And who are the loser toddlers who are already getting left out of play dates before they can even talk?

03 August 2010

Block Party Tonight!

Sorry for the late notice but the mailman is throwing a block party tonight, if anyone is interested in swinging by.