24 September 2010


You probably already know I don't understand free license plate holder advertising but these vanity plates I recently saw are even more puzzling. Who knew that two different people would think to put the President's name on their license plate? I know Washington is a blue state but come on! Plus, what is the President going to do if he moves here after his term and wants to personalize his own license plate?

President: "Let me be clear: I'd like a vanity plate with either of my names, please."

DMV: "I'm sorry, Mr. President, but they are both taken. For some reason two separate individuals are paying $50 extra annually to have your names engraved on their license plates."

President: "Let me be clear: they could have just put free bumper stickers on their cars."

DMV: "We know, sir. But you could still spell '8ARACK' and 'O8AMA' with eights if you want."

President: "Make no mistake, we need some real change here! Let me be clear: I will get my names back from the American people!"


calizona said...

My name is 8arack 0bama.

Jay said...

This "president" is lower now in popularity than Carter was at this point in his pitiful administration. And In 1981 people were ALL rushing to put his name on their license plates!

Um, not...