07 September 2010


I labored this Labor Day weekend by doing some vacuuming. I actually really like vacuuming. It's kind of like mowing the lawn, but better, because afterwards you don't smell like yard work. (I like that smell almost as much as I like how ESPN broadcasts 10 hours a day of the Little League World Series every August.)

Anyway, next time I get in trouble for having my PEZ dispenser collection or for buying a pair of Air Jordans for the church basketball league, I think I will remind Robin that I consistently clean hairballs like these (and sometimes bigger) out of the vacuum:

All I'm sayin' is my hair isn't that long. If you know what I'm sayin'.


Eutychus said...

Chelsey's hairballs put those to shame, I'm just sayin'.

two forks said...

my alleged hairball is innocent until proven guilty...

Jay said...

I'm just glad to know it didn't come from a certain building manager or mail man!

That's a hair ball-ote!

(Ote is Spanish for really big...)