30 November 2010

It Tastes Like Chicken!

I know many of you regularly look to Oh Pepper? for important news updates and investigative reporting. So please read on. I now bring your attention to this picture that has recently been going around the interwebs:

No, it's not frozen yogurt; this is processed chicken which will soon be cooked up into yummy chicken nuggets and chicken patties for you to eat.

Now for the recipe. First you separate as much "meat" as you can from the bones--eyes, guts, etc.--and smash it through a sieve. Then you douse it with ammonia to kill all the poisonous bacteria crawling around. Then you add artificial chicken flavoring because ammonia-flavored stuff tastes gross. Then you add artificial food coloring because it is this weird pink color. Then you bread it and fry it and you get your delicious chicken nuggets.

You heard it here. And if it's on the internet, you know it must be true.

Up next: The truth about hot dogs!


Jay said...

I've seen that photo before and I don't believe it.

Certainly that is salt water taffy or bubble gum. It is not chicken.

My chicken nuggets look AND taste like chicken.

So there.

two forks said...


ROUS said...

chicken? :O

Corey said...

sounds like lutefisk. mmm ammonia.

me said...

Isn't that Elephant Toothpaste?