18 March 2011

Cry Baby!

The other day I heard this story on This American Life about people who cry during movies on airplanes. I'm one of them. Except I cry during movies, TV shows, and commercials, even when I'm not on an airplane. I mean, it's not real crying with tears coming down my face, but I'm definitely still a freak.

So I decided to make a list of times I cried during visual programming in the last month:

  • Oprah when she announced she had a long-lost half sister.
  • The Office when Michael and Holly finally got back together and kissed on the roof.
  • Eagle Eye when Shia Lebouf gets the military medal of honor alongside his father who until that moment had always been more proud of his twin brother.
  • House when Cuddy and House saved Cuddy's Mom's life and Cuddy and her Mom made up after years of tension.
  • The Office when Michael and Holly tell each other they love each other and shake hands.
  • The Grammys when Justin Bieber lost the "Best New Artist" award to that girl with the big hair.
  • The news when Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez (where has he been?!?!) compared Charlie's problems to cancer and expressed their love for him.
  • The Bachelor when Brad breaks up with Ashley before the rose ceremony because he cares too much about her.
  • Despicable Me when the orphan girls and the minions give Gru their money so that bankruptcy won't keep him from stealing the moon.

Awww, poor little cry baby! Do you need a bottle?!


david&michal said...

what about that home makeover show?!

Jay said...

Not having seen any of those, I did not cry...

Nor would have probably!

So, I'm not a freak?