25 March 2011

Friday vs. Popcorn Popping!

Forty-nine million
hits on YouTube in two weeks:


Eight hits in two years:

Friday wins!

But with lyrics like

Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I ta-a-a-ake?

you shouldn't be too surprised. Also, I didn't have the budget for a sweet rap solo.

Update 4/1/11:

Friday: 72,733,709 hits.
Popcorn Popping: 52 hits.

I'll get you, Rebecca Black!


david&michal said...

if it were up to pace, you would win! he almost started singing along with you!

Jenny said...

Question: are 13 year olds really allowed to drive these days? ah those dang kids!

My life is crazy said...

Well, since you posted it here, I've sent it to all my friends on facebook and have gotten it about 100 more views... :) I think this could be an internet meme!

Jay said...

This should really go viral!

And it deserves to...

Jay said...

I'm guessing it took her about an hour to get from morning hair to the do she wanted to be seen in...

Ashley said...

watup bliscuit-head? I enjoy your artistic blog. Avery listened to the "Friday" song with me and about 30 seconds after hearing it, she was singing "Friday, Friday..." So, even though its a crap song, it just gets stuck in peoples heads.

I like "Popcorn Popping" better!


Ashley said...

Avery started singing "Friday, Friday" about 30 seconds after hearing it. It just gets stuck in people's heads.

I like your song better.